tequila agave
tequila agave


DE-NADA’s Blanco is a seductively smooth tequila that’s

as pure as it gets. Freshly distilled, it’s ideal for sipping

on the rocks with a lime or adding to citrus infused

cocktails such as Paloma’s and Margaritas. A summer

party explodes on the palate thanks to notes of peach, grapefruit and peppermint. A medium to long finish is complemented by an aroma of roasted agave and a hint of heavenly vanilla.

ReposadoDE-NADA’s Reposado is a seriously silky aged tequila

showcasing mouthwatering notes of almond, cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla. This rested beauty is perfect over ice, in cocktails, or simply sipped straight. An alluring aroma of

roasted agave, peach, and pineapple bolsters a finish

that’s long and full-bodied. Reposado’s time in oak barrels makes it smoother, subtler, and more complex than Blanco — its lively younger brother.